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Helping ALBERTA Businesses Protect Employees and Customer Health & Safety

Coronavirus and other viruses can survive on surfaces for days unless properly cleaned and disinfected, increasing the need for trained cleaning professionals and effective cleaning products & disinfection equipment.

RETURN TO WORK (RTW) Safety Protocols

Every facility manager and business owner-operator recognizes the urgent need to PREPARE - RESPOND & RECOVER to the new operating procedures associated with COVID-19. All employees & customers returning to work need to be assured health & safety disinfection protocols have been implemented and it is safe to return to their work place.

Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayers

BGC has an inventory of (36) state-of-the-art Electrostatic Disinfection sprayers to help facility managers and business owners address their individual RTW protocols. Please view the video on our home page to see the superior benefits of Electrostatic Disinfection vs. conventional spray & wipe disinfection methods. Electrostatic spraying is a proven technology that will help reduce germs related to Covid-19. Electrostatic Disinfection spraying is being used by world class corporations like WestJet, United Air and many other local companies including Alberta Gaming Casino’s like Boom Town. Electrostatic disinfection spraying saves facility managers and building owners significant costs in their fight against Covid-19.

Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer Training Protocols

All management team members & cleaning professionals receive in-depth infection & contamination control training for infectious disease outbreaks such as Coronavirus. Our operating procedures for use of our Electro-static disinfection sprayers enable our cleaning professionals to plan and address infectious disease outbreaks at your facility.

BGC Electrostatic Disinfection Service Programs

We tailor our disinfection service program to match your facility needs & budget. We offer one-time disinfection services or optional monthly, quarterly or semi-annual services.

Peace of Mind

To help assure your employees & customers that your management team is committed to PROTECTING THEIR HEALTH & SAFETY, we offer date stamped door decals for your facility. These complimentary decals serve to reinforce a planned approach to protect all who enter & exit your facility. Electro-static disinfection is another layer of peace of mind & protection. Also, BGC Electrostatic disinfection service is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact the following to inquire about receiving a quote:

Bill Asefa (780) 880-9356 bill@bgcservices.ca

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