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Stone-ology is a division of BGC Services Ltd. with 15 years of polished concrete experience in Western Canada. As the Certified Master Canadian Stone-ology Contractor we use Mechanical Diamond Bond Polishing Systems to create durable polished concrete floors that can shine forever.

We call our patented mechanical polishing system Evershine. Unlike other systems on the market today, a Stone-ology Evershine floor NEVER uses topical coating sealers exclusively to create a polished concrete floor.

At Stone-ology we change the way you look at concrete. Check us out and see why leading architects today specify diamond polished floors to their clients.

Polished concrete is changing the way buildings are designed built and maintained today. More important, polished concrete is changing the way we sustain our environment for the 21st. century.

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Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Never requires floor sealer
  • LEED* approved - Platinum, Gold, Silver
  • Increase abrasion resistance up to 400%
  • Reduce maintenance cost up to 20%
  • Low maintenance
  • Increase floor hardness by 80%
  • Increase light reflection by 30%
  • Meets slip test standards
  • Meets ASTM compliance

Stone-ology diamond polished floors are extremely DURABLE, unlike any other floor installation. We will work with your team to find the right floor to fit your space and your budget. Put our 15 years of experience to work on your next project.

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