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Ft. McMurray, Alberta: Friday, April 10, 2015

BILL’S GENERAL CLEANING, IMPORTED GOODS & CONSULTING LTD. (BGC) Management spokesman Bill Asefa today denied allegations that Canadian workers would be replaced with Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) at the Ft. McMurray Airport site.

“We are disturbed to hear reports circulating suggesting that our company would be replacing Canadian resident workers with TFW,” said Mr. Asefa. “That was never going to be the case, and in fact, it was a condition precedent of the contract. There is therefore no truth to media reports suggesting otherwise, and those engaged in such speculations appear to be fear-mongering where there is in fact no cause for concern”. “In actual fact,” Mr. Asefa asserted, “this new cleaning contract at the airport is a boon to Canadian workers, and to the Airport Authority.”

The Ft. McMurray labour consulting firm recently secured the contract from the Airport Authority to provide cleaning services to the airport site. The BGC company, as existing contractor of the Old Airport, took the opportunity to submit a cleaning proposal for the new airport terminal which afterwards received the cleaning contract award. The BGC company employs both Canadian workers as well as Temporary Foreign Workers, and has extensive experience in the labour supply market in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Mr. Asefa’s comments include the following statements:

  • BGC is already an existing contractor of YMM FMAA - Old Airport terminal at the airport site in Ft. McMurray Alberta. BGC services have been proven to be of high quality, effective and reliable. The Airport Authority management have seen evidence of our excellent services, and this was obviously one of the main reasons why they chose BGC.

  • The hourly wage rate offered by BGC to newly hired employees is within or even beyond the prevailing wage rate as offered in the Province. The company has its own benefits package and our practice is that we ensure that our employee wage rates are in accordance with the rate mandated by provincial regulation. BGC provides comparable or even of greater benefits than other competitors operating in a similar environment. It is likely true that no one would expect to find identical benefit packages in small agencies as compared to some of the large corporate contractors. Nevertheless, every one of our employees is offered a competitive wage and benefits package and there is no shortage of Canadian workers prepared to agree to our terms before they start working.

Mr. Bill Asefa is the principal of a number of different labour market companies operating in various aspects of the Western Canadian business environment. For example, Bill's Recruiting Ltd. (“BR”) is a separate corporation from BGC. BGC holds the contract to supply Canadian workers to the airport authority. By comparison BR has in past years been specializing in recruitment of foreign workers for those other companies who are in need of their TFW services. However, BR is no longer active in using its Provincial license to hire TFWs and has not for almost two years.

Mr. Asefa concludes that “in the circumstance of the Ft. McMurray Airport Authority contract, BGC is not hiring any TFWs. BGC’s current register of Canadians and Temporary Foreign Workers, all of whom are competent and well-trained, will be used exclusively to supply and fulfil all labour market needs for this new airport contract.

Contact Information below:

For the moment since the spokesperson is away, you can get in touch with him on his email address at

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